4x Ms.Fitness Olympia
10x Arnold Classic Champion

Oksana Grishina


Oksana has years of experience helping athletes build their bodies, whether for the competition stage or for the playing field. The same principles apply to those of you who may be new to the gym. A healthy body makes for a happier and more productive person. Build muscle, lose fat, improve the health of your heart and mind, and relieve some of the stress of everyday life.
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“Winning Strength”  Documentary Trailer by Simon Firsht

Fitness lifestyle

  • I love to perform and will continue to perform and learn new brands of fitness until my body will not let me. I want to promote fitness life style and show how different fitness can be.

The main keys to achievement of any goal are self-improvement and self-discipline.

Personal Training
Book One on One training with Oksana

Training takes place in Los Angeles at either of these two locations:

*Granite Gym in Beverly Hills, CA
*Studio City Fitness Gym in Studio City, CA

Contact to make an appointment:




Customized choreography for any type of performance or routine. One on One only. As a professional fitness competitor Oksana has worked hard to express her choreographic vision. This a very personal, creative process. Get a performance you love. Location is LA.



For those who are interested in competing, let Oksana help you how to display your best self on stage. During a one-on-one consultation, she can show you how to highlight your strengths, create graceful transitions, and present you most perfect physique to the judges and audience.

Customized TRAINING

I would make a custom training program specifically for your body and goals.

Customized NUTRITION

I would design a custom nutrition program for your specific lifestyle, body and goals.

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